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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Actions ALWAYS Speak Louder Than Words.

I always made the mistake of letting words determine what I do, say, or who I meet or trust. Everyone makes that mistake. The "big elephant" in the room can't be pointed out if there was complete silence. And, there would be no protest if it wasn't for the spoken cause. Make sense? I mean, the people around us wouldn't do what they do with out their voice or a way of communicating. So, this leads to me point :
Action speak louder than words.

People can say what they can to please you or what not. But, you can't tell a person by only they words. If I tell you that I am loveable, good at public speaking, generous, and helpful, my intrepretation might be different; therefore, you shouldn't just based a person of their words. I may say I am generous, but I can think that giving a penny to a homeless is generous while you may think it is taking care of the senior citizens. In that case, you should see how the person makes a difference or does what they talked about doing. It is all there. This is what happens in elections all the time.

As a opponent, a person would say what they must (true or not) to gain support of the diversity of potential votes. However, how many times in our history have we seen that fail or be twisted? Perhaps, way too many. Truth is, don't think what a person is due to how good they use their words and mind, but what they take advantage of in life. I want a guy that can make me laugh, not tell me how happy he can make me. I want a friend who will be able to email me an assignment, and not tell me that we will be there for each other.

To Conclude:
-->Don't tell me you love me, Show it.
-->Don't tell me you will be there, it is nice to here, but better to know it for real.
-->Don't tell me what you will do, show me what you can do and will do.
-->Don't tell me who you are anymore, I want to see it for myself.

I do not only have ears, I also have eyes! ;-)