There are times where I have to reassure myself that it isn't the end, it is a new beginning.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Luck is Such a Funny Thing!

Beginner's luck. Try your luck. Lucky me. Luck is on my side. Just my luck. I luck-ed out.

Many of us are "lucky" because we were given the opportunities that others did not. Is that really luck? Some people have the luck to win a flat-screen TV, camera, gift basket, or even a pair of tickets to a big social event. Others have the luck to win the NY Mega Millions. But what about those who don't have the luck to even have a meal to eat? What about those families that didn't have the luck to win a house makeover or the single mother that couldn't win that new pink bicycle for her daughter? Yes, some of us are "lucky", but what is luck?

People would say that luck is matter of chance, it is something that won't last forever. It is a temporary happiness almost. But then again, wouldn't people have their chance at luck? Luck, to me, can go either way. I think we are all lucky in some form. And no, this isn't the cliche explanation of everyone being lucky to be alive. No. That is extremely corny. I am proposing that luck isn't instantly beneficial. Let me elaborate.

I was never lucky enough to have my own sweet sixteen or attend a wedding. I did, however, have the luck to go to two funerals. I had the luck of seeing my family crash and burn in front of my eyes. Please, don't feel bad. It is "just my luck". Those events I mentioned wouldn't be considered as lucky to be apart of, but it is. Yes, funerals and family conflicts are not beneficial when occuring. But I had the luck to learn and grow. I had the luck of experiencing the cold reality at an early age, and now, I have a head-up on life. My family, through the fire and the flames, had the chance to work on themself both as a whole and individually. We aren't perfect, but I can honestly say that progress is being made. Funerals are full of sorrow and pain, but I got the chance to see death. I mean, I got the chance to see where things end. I mean, I got a chance to know that life is short. And as depressing as it may seen, you begin to find a light in the dark tunnel.

I had the luck of experiencing the bad because it made me stronger. Some people will never have that kind of luck. Some people would never feel the lowest point a person can hit. I met people who are so oblivious to what can happen or how things can turn, and I feel bad for them. I guess they are "luck-ed out".

Don't get me wrong. Luck is also how it has been portrayed. I had the luck to have a all-expenses paid trip to California to take a college course at UC Berkeley for six weeks. I had the luck to be the "hero" of my high school senior class. I had the luck of meeting amazing people, and going amazing places.


Luck is such a funny thing. It comes in different shapes and forms, and it comes at different times and days. But with luck, it can go eitherway. (I know I am corny!)

Live Life & Go BEYOND it.