There are times where I have to reassure myself that it isn't the end, it is a new beginning.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We Call It "Life"

When life hands you lemons, you are suppose to make lemonade.  What if the lemons went bad? What if you're not in the mood for lemons?  What if you don't know how to make lemonade?  It is hard to accept what life throws at you, but you are expected to make the best out of it.  HOW?

I recently lost a person very close to my heart.  This blog post won't do it justice to how I am feeling and how I am coping, so I won't even try.  I will just say that I grew up with no father figure, but with exceptional men who made it their duty to help my mother succeed in her life.  My uncle passed almost a month ago, and it still feels like it was yesterday when I saw him in that hospital bed.  How does one erase those images?  How does one accept the harsh reality that we have no control on what happens to us and around us?  I am not dwelling on how life is unfair or rough, but focusing on this thing we call "Life".

What does that mean "Life"?  We are given life, but how many of us are living?  What does it mean to live?  Witnessing death at it's rawest form makes you realize that your definition of life is not what it is.  I saw a lifeless body in front of me, and I freaked out.  If you don't know it by now, I am terrified of death.  I would cry my eyes out and panic just at the thought of dying.  I thought it was because I love livings -- I was wrong.  Seeing my uncle pass made me realize that I didn't love life enough to make it remarkable.  Yes, I had amazing times, but at the end of the day: Am I giving the best of me?

If you heard the details of my uncle's life, you might not think he was a good person.  He had his demons, but the best thing about him is that he continued.  I think that is the keyword: HE CONTINUED.  When life hands you lemons, maybe lemonade isn't the thing you need to do.  Maybe it is just being handed lemons.  We just need to learn to accept that things happen and that, in essence, is life - plain and simple.  There is so much out of our control, but everything happens for a reason.

I didn't want my uncle to die, but God needed another angel.  I can accept that.  I don't want to elaborate or argue that -- I want to ACCEPT it.  My uncle has passed, and there isn't anything I can do, but continue.  I am continuing with another pair of eyes on me, with another pair of hands to guide me, and with another heart caring over me.  I had that when he was here, and I still have it when he isn't.  So, I continue with this thing called "Life".


Go make lemonade or don't. Just continue, and actually live.

Live Life & Go BEYOND it.