There are times where I have to reassure myself that it isn't the end, it is a new beginning.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Matter of Time

I know minutes turn into hours, and hours into days, and nonetheless days turn into weeks. By the time we realize how much has passed, it is too late. It is time wasted. It is time to realize that "time is of the essence". It passes by, and there is no possible way to grab it while we can. We just need to live in the moment, and remember to appreciate every minute.

This is the reason I have such a tough time letting go...

Because letting go means letting the times I shared with a particular person go to waste. I am never ready to do such a thing. All the memories I held with the man I loved will never be wasted moments, I will replay them in my head to remind me that my life wasn't just an ordinary day after another. It was spent with someone special, doing something that meant something to me. Understand? I don't think anyone wants to come to the realization that the time they spent with someone was just time wasted. I refuse to let my memories die.

Everyone that I have a hard time letting go are people who I spent the most amazing times of my life with. I always come back to them, and I become a better person for the sake of fixing the relationship. I am not a perfect person, I can admit. I make my mistakes, and I beat myself down for most of them. I know what I did wrong, but the people who I find on my side after everything are the ones that are important. They are truly worth it. I would never give up the memories I shared with them or hope to share with them in the future. I can't let them go.

So, when a person tells me to move on or let it go, I just shrug. It is harder for me to do so. I want those memories fresh in my head with nothing but thoughts of making new ones with that person. I believe, in time, a person will be able to make their own choice of who to let go or who to keep close.

It is all a matter of time.


Live Life & Go BEYOND it.