There are times where I have to reassure myself that it isn't the end, it is a new beginning.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Change: For Better or For Worse

Obama based his whole campaign on bringing "Change", but some people don't look at what Change can be. Yes, bringing change to certain things is positive, but there are negative sides to change. It depends on what is being change and from what to what.

Personally, I am referring to change in people. I think everyone changes -- not only at one point in their life but at many points in their life. As conditions and environment changes, so does that person. Think about it. For me, going to college, there are many changes I had to go through. I am not talking about new friends, new home, new responsibilities -- I mean of the person I am. I had to drop and add certain things about myself to fit my conditions. I am slowly being less uptight about everything as I get easily stressed out in college. I used to need friends to remind me to relax, but in college, I have no one but myself.

Also, I had to be more agressive and assertive on what I want. In college, everyone is trying to do their own thing. It is the time for a person to think their path out, and step up to the plate. So, I had to be ready to know what I want in life. This has to be one of the biggest change I had to go through. I became ready to accept that not everyone is going to join me in my adventures; some people needed to be dropped. I lost many friends, and made many enemies. I needed to step up, and there will always be people trying to bring me down. I know I've changed. My change is for the better and for the worse, depending on who and what is looking at it. I am just trying to be a better me, and the change I am undergoing can completely fail. Then again, it can put me on top.

Yes, Obama. We can bring change, but of what kind? Yes, we want to change the current economy and we can, but doesn't mean it will be for the better. People need to realize that yes, change is good, but at what cost? We can change every aspect of life to compliment our lives better, but will it be successful? There is a chance that we screw it up, just like there is a chance of it going great.

There is always two side to everything: For the better or For the Worse. Don't forget to look at both sides.


Live Life & Go BEYOND it.