There are times where I have to reassure myself that it isn't the end, it is a new beginning.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's ALL about the Closing!

When your heart breaks, there is still something in the midst of it all; something that makes it that much harder to let the relationship go or make the pain almost unbearable.  And without that "something", moving on or taking the steps needed to do something active with your life seems almost impossible.  It is like you are frozen and the moment replays over and over.  You have no idea what to do or what to say.

Well, with the fantastic feeling of "love" that is so over-emphasized in movies and TV drama comes the "hangover": The Aftermath.

First heartbreaks will seem impossible to overcome, and that is natural because this is the first person who made you feel like never before.  This is the first person to take your heart and show you a whole new side to life.  It's understandable, but I need to be honest with you, it doesn't get easier.  Because your last love will be better than your past loves.  I say this in the sense that you start to get a better grasp on the concept of "love".  As if there are stages, love gets stronger or more concrete over time.  In my experience, my first love was almost a "puppy" love.  It wasn't until the second love, I began to know what love can do to you. I can go on and on, but those who been in love will know that this post can get very lengthy if I do so.

Back to the matter at hand: When you love, you get heart broken.  As pessimistic as I am going to sound now, nothing lasts forever.  But how does one cope?  How does one let go of that person they fell head over heels for?  Well, I can't give you the answers to that because I still don't know myself. BUT, one thing that does make it "easier" to cope with is CLOSURE. 

When you open something, don't you need to close it before starting new ones? 

Think of it like this:  How many tabs you have open now?  Two or three?  Imagine five, ten, twenty.  What would happen?  Not only would your computer or device run slower, but you won't be able to give your attention or focus on any one of them.  You will be left to keep checking each tab to remember what you have it there for and examine its importance.  Right?  Relay this concept with relationships and life.  How about you close some of those tabs one by one?  Maybe some of those tabs were never what you were searching the net for?  They could have been distractions like Facebook is to homework.

Closure can come in different forms. I don't know your style or how you like to deal with personal matter.  All I know is that closure is needed, and without it, things become...complicated.  Using my life as an example, I previously fell for a guy who broke my heart a few times.  This last time was rough, and the ending wasn't that great.  I struggled with that because I started to question the love and meaning behind what we did and how he dealt with everything.  It was harder for me to cope with the fact that he probably never loved me than the breakup itself.  I couldn't keep adding alcohol to the wound anymore.  I had to tend to it, and take the first steps to healing or atleast trying to.  I started to express my feelings everywhere, which were both positive and negative.  I came to realizations, and it wasn't until I came across what the guy had posted on a social networking site.  It hit me hard.  I knew he still had those feelings I still have.  I knew he still loves me, and knowing that meant the world to me.  I don't know if our lives will cross paths again, but I know that our intentions were pure.  We got the chance to celebrate the love we both shared even if it was short lived.  Those positive thoughts in such a bad time makes this easier for me.  An It will for you.  No matter how you take it or use it; it's all about the closing. 


We will be heart broken. We will be left to deal with the aftermath of love and the pain it brings.  But, why make it harder for ourselves?  We should be all about the closing --whether it is personal or business matters.

Live Life & Go BEYOND it.

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