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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Simplicity at its Best!

People complicated the simplest things in their head.  This is fact.


What can be the possible reason(s) someone would do this to theirselves?  I can't speak for everyone as I can't barely explain this for myself, but there is always a reason to the madness.  Personally, I overthink everything -- and when I mean everything, I mean EVERYTHING.  Sometimes, I just put myself in this cycle of endless thoughts, but sometimes, it does happen naturally.  Let me see if I can give you a peek into how I do this and how my thought process works.

I can admit that I make a mole into a mountain through my thought process.  But, to me, it is much more than the answer you give to my questions.  I have answers for my questions already.

Question: How much do you love me?
Answer: I love you with all my heart... (or something along that line)
MY ANSWER: I LOVE YOU beyond everything else.  You are my number one -- the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.  You know what? MARRY ME RIGHT NOW!


Question: Why didn't you do the homework last night?
Answer: I didn't have time for it because I had so much to do, and I barely got any sleep.
MY ANSWER: YOU decided to do other things with your time, knowing that YOU had homework to do.  You slept in, and you knew about this assignment a while ago.  You didn't do the homework due to YOU being lazy!

As you can see, my answers does not match the other person's answer.  This will lead me to ask myself more questions on why they do not match and what does that tell me.  I know that it may seem as a pointless and not a healthy thought process to put myself in.  BUT, it does help fix many of my issues and helps me be more practical than I set out to be.

Look, from outside, it may seem as such a stupid thing to do.  It seems as if it causes nothing but issues.  And I will not deny that; it does cause problems for me A LOT.  But, it also brings me "down to Earth" as I am usually an optimist and I think highly of everyone.  Does this make sense?

Well, if it does: Welcome to my life!  If not, I can't explain much into it as I already have.  Again, it differs by the individual.  For me, I overthink and complicate everything due to my lack of understanding, lack of a realistic perspective, and to be honest, my lack of confidence on the subject.  It can be both good or bad, varying on situation and individual.  For those of you that do it, just be honest with yourself about why you do it.  This is just to understand where everything is coming from, and sometimes to avoid the issues you come across.

Lastly, after understanding it, I must make some limitations or DOS/DON'TS for us overthinkers or complicaters. 

DO: Do continue to put thought into many things around you.  Asking questions or thinking through things can allow yourself to be open and honest.  Also, you can easily call "BS" on things or people presented to you.  Do try to be accurate when vocalizing your thought process.  What may seem as simple and understandable to you may not be for someone else -- THIS CAN BE THE SOURCE OF THE ISSUES YOU COME ACROSS.

DON'T:  Do NOT, under any circumstances, hold your possible conclusion(s) or thought(s) as anything final.  Things change, and I am pretty sure that you can't account for EVERY reaction possible. Don't put yourself in an endless cycle -- don't get stuck in your head!  Be cautious of how your thoughts affect you (and those around you).


If you decide to overcomplicate or overthink anything, just try to make it as SIMPLE as possible for yourself as well as others.  You can't just go too deep into everything because it is an endless cycle and life is too short. THINK SIMPLE.  BE SIMPLE. It is simplicity at its best!

Live Life & Go BEYOND it!

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