There are times where I have to reassure myself that it isn't the end, it is a new beginning.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Expect Life's Surprises!

Pleasure. Pain. Joy. Disappointment. That's life, right?  I might never completely grasp that statement: That's Life.  How are we suppose to know what life entails if we aren't done living it?  No matter what we go through, life can't be determined ahead of time.

I have been through some horrible things, but I still get caught off guard.  Take this past weekend:  It was my birthday.  I expected so much since I worked so hard, but I got the complete opposite.  Instead of things coming together, things fell apart.  And it seems as if it fell hard.  In the end of it all, I didn't have such a great time, argued with people I love, and lost someone I fell so hard for. Well, I have fell in love more than once, and with that being said, I got my heart broken more than once. I had arguments with family and friends, and I lost people in the past. It can be said that it is a routine, but no matter what, it still hurts like a bitch (Is that my first time cursing?).  It still feels fresh every time.  Maybe it's the timing, but I don't expect any of it or the magnitude in which it hurts me.

Maybe that is it! Maybe life is about expecting to be surprised.  Maybe understanding that statement is understanding that the bad will happen to you, and that it will come in different forms as well as different times.  Maybe it is just a way we prepare ourselves for the rough times and lasting pain.  Or maybe it is our way to pour alcohol on our wounds.  "That's Life" is our S.O.S (our way to save ourselves).


We don't know what life entails.  We can't tell our own future as we blindly went through our past.  But despite that all, one thing is for sure.  Life is full of surprise.  Maybe we should just expect to be surprised.

Live Life & Go BEYOND it.

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